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Over 1400 children in Sarasota, Manatee, and Desoto counties cannot remain safely in their homes. Lack of foster homes means placing babies in shelters and separating brothers and sisters. Foster parents are local heroes, making a difference every day.

Foster care

Foster care




Foster care

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Foster care service

Many foster parents and families serve many children for several years because they find it meaningful and rewarding.

These children will grow up to be Florida's future generation, and as a foster parent, you can help them succeed. If you want to help them, please send an inquiry form to the Heart Gallery of Sarasota.


A licensed foster parent provides temporary care for children. Caring for children who have been abused or neglected and being a role model for biological parents working to reunify with their children is a significant responsibility and, ultimately, a matter of public trust.

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The reasons may include death, total incapacity of the parent(s), and no relatives available to care for the child(ren). A child or sibling group may have been legally removed from the birth family for reasons of neglect, or where physical, sexual, or emotional abuse is proved. When the children cannot be returned to the family and be adequately protected and cared for, the parents' legal rights are terminated by a court, and a permanent living situation for the child(ren) is sought. If suitable relatives are not able to care for them, adoption by a non-relative is the next best alternative.

Foster parents are people who officially take children into their family without becoming their legal parents. Foster parents provide guidance and daily care. They model a healthy family lifestyle.

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Adoption service

Although the process may vary slightly depending on where you live, the road to adoption includes typically an orientation session, an in-depth training program to help you determine if adoption is right for you and your family, a home study, and a background check. This process can usually be completed within nine months. Once the process has been completed, you are ready to be matched with a child.


Giving hope, help and healing to children, adults and those who love them.


Heart Gallery volunteers can help in many different ways. Volunteers can become a mentor, host a gallery exhibit or sponsor an event.